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a lesbian memory hotline 

Ephemera: A Lesbian Memory Hotline is a collective memory bank for lesbian, wlw, or sapphic individuals in Philadelphia.

This community-sourced archival project collects short stories about lesbian identity to add to the incomplete record of lesbian culture in Philadelphia.

images sourced from @queerloveinhistory

This hotline grows out of Esto No Tiene Nombre, a one-woman show documenting the histories of Latina lesbian elders by Denice Frohman, supported by Intercultural Journeys.

All stories contributed to the archive will be shared with the public anonymously, meaning that your name will not be attached to the story. By sharing your story, you are giving Intercultural Journeys express permission to share this story publicly on Intercultural Journeys' website and on social media. The hotline is open for submissions until May 2023.

The concept, website, and design for this project was created by Nia Benjamin. 

Funding for the public programs associated with Esto No Tiene Nombre, including the work associated with this website and hotline, has been provided by Spring Point Partners, PA Humanities, and the National Endowment for the Humanities as part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. 

Esto No Tiene Nombre is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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listening gallery ︎


no.1: rusty’s

A caller recounts her time at Rusty’s, which is believed to be the first lesbian bar in Philadelphia. Rusty’s was raided in 1968, a year before Stonewall.

Learn more about Rusty’s here.

no.2: Computer Lab

A caller recounts a classically gay tale of kissing their
best friend in the back corners of their elementary school. 


no.3: Rizzo’s Steps

A caller recounts her activism with the Philadelphia chapter
of the Daughters of Bilitis (D.O.B.).

Learn more about the Daughters of Bilitis here.

no.4: Cocktail Napkin Rose

A caller recounts a lesson on seduction from a butch elder.

no. 5: Riding A Bike

A caller recounts the day their neighborhood butch taught them to ride a bike. 

no. 6: New, Old Love

Some friends...become lovers! A caller recounts confessing feelings for a friend, and the inspiring potential of new love.

no. 7: Upstairs at The Bike Stop

A caller recounts a steamy dance floor make out session that became a lasting friendship.

no. 8: 8-Month Pregant Butch

A classic sapphic trope: a breakup mediated by an eight-month pregnant butch. 

no. 9: 8-Month Pregnant Butch...A Follow-Up

Our prevous caller adds a postscript sign off to their previous message. 

no. 10: Donut Girl 

A caller recounts the story of the first time a girl hit on them. 

no. 11: Grateful To Be A Lesbian

That’s it. That’s the post.